About Aier

  爱尔眼科医院三分快3是知名全球连锁眼科医疗机构,IPO上市医疗机构(股票代码: 300015,2015年入选沪深300指数股)。截至2019年,已在中国大陆30个省市区建立300余家专业眼科医院,覆盖全国医保人口超过70%,年门诊量超过650 万人。并且,美国、欧洲和中国香港开设有80余家眼科医院。

  Aier eye hospital group is a well-known global chain of eye hospitals, and is also China's first IPO listed medical institution (stock code: 300015, one of the CSI 300 index selected in 2015). As of 2019, Aier Eye Hospital Group has established more than 300 specialized eye hospitals covering 30 provinces and extended our services to 70% of insured population all over the country with over 6.5 million outpatient visits annually. Recently, There are more than 80 ophthalmic branches in the United States, Europe and Hongkong,China.


  Aier is committed to the parallel introduction and absorption of world-leading ophthalmic technology and management concept, with professionalism, scale and science as its strategy to advance the development of China's ophthalmic medical care.


  Base on constant exploration and practice, also with absorb advanced international medical management experience, Aier Eye Hospital Group has successfully established the "hierarchical chain" management model that adapts to China's market environment. Utilizing our advantages in talent, technology and management, we aim to provide the most trusted eye care to patients all over the country.


  In 2013, Aier and Central South University